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Our goal is to help you regain CONTROL of your weight and health for the rest of your life; hence, your Personal Health Coach!

Why is H1 Weight Loss Different than other Programs?

The Healthy One Weight Loss system focuses on Education and Clinical Supervision by qualified Doctors to help a person through the Fat Loss process. The utilization of homeopathic supplements and nutritional products are encouraged during the initial phases. The program essentials and specifics are based on each individual and although follow strict, medically based protocols, each is tailored to the needs, age, goals and health of the patient. All of the supplementation and homeopathics used are safe and effective formulas which help to promote appetite control, immunity, blood sugar regulation, and mood while completing the program. The supplementation formulas that are utilized Do Not contain HCG. They are all natural and safe! Keep in mind that we are Chiropractors first with years of education in the areas of nutrition and body physiology. We do not prescribe medications of any sort and have personally used these formulas, with great results, as well as many of our friends and family.

The Root Cause of Obesity

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So how does long term weight loss occur? Is it as simple as just counting calories or hitting the gym four times a week? No. The process is a bit more complex… if your goal is permanent change. Weight loss only occurs with changes in diet and correcting your metabolism from “fat-storing” to “fat-burning”. In most cases, a FOCUSED LIFESTYLE CHANGE is also imperative for you to maintain your healthier body.

Obesity is nearly always associated with a depressed metabolism and a nearly constant state of hunger, which often includes intense cravings. Americans have become addicted to high sugar/starch diets, and this has created a hormonal imbalance that causes many people to be in a constant state of “fat storing”. The common American lifestyle and the negative hormonal effects that are a result of that lifestyle are a primary culprit in the obesity epidemic today.

Unfortunately, if left unchecked, obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle will lead to Metabolic Syndrome, and eventually disease. FOCUSED LIFESTYLE CHANGES are the only way to lose unhealthy weight and take back control of your weight and future. This is what is achieved through the HS Weight Loss System. Because of the needs and goals of each individual, the only way to truly see if this program is a good fit, is to sit down with us and discuss the plan. We will likely do a Body Composition Analysis (BCA) to determine a few other important metrics when discussing True Fat Loss. The first step though is to make the call and schedule a time to meet. You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain from what could potentially be a life changing phone call.

I look forward to meeting you and to the changes we will make TOGETHER!

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How it Works

This program is different for several reasons. This is a True, Doctor Monitored, Health System! Because each patient is under constant supervision by the Doctor, we are limited to 20 New patients each month.  This ensures that everyone receives the attention and support necessary during this process. H1WL utilizes a completely holistic approach, science based testing, safe, natural and effective formulas, and healthy meal plans. It’s why we are able to GUARANTEE the results you’ll achieve. This program IS easy to follow, but you MUST follow the program to achieve the results you desire. There are multiple pieces to this program, and removing any of those pieces ultimately jeopardizes your long term success.

Our program has a food plan based on the guidelines first put in place by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons and added to by nutritional experts. It must be followed carefully to ensure success and ongoing maintenance of your leaner self. All the foods are store bought and there are NO pre packaged or artificial foods encouraged within this system. This allows our patients:
1. To learn how to shop and eat healthy from their local grocery stores and markets
2. To not become dependent upon us for their “meals” which can be both inconvenient and costly.
3. Save literally THOUSANDS of dollars in excess spending at the stores and restaurants. 
This does not even take into consideration the Financial savings from the inevitable Health Issue related costs due to rising Health Insurance premiums, illness, medications (s) and hospitalizations. 

It is estimated that roughly 92% of Diabetes cases, 86% of All Heart Disease, and 36% of All Cancers would be ERADICATED from our society if we, as a whole, could just reduce our incidence of Obesity to an Overweight Status. Studies have shown that even moderate obesity (BMI>30) can take years off of your life. This doesn’t even account for the fact that those suffering from obesity report a far lower quality of health and life as well.

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